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We’ve partnered with Tamarac, a leading online service provider dedicated to independent investment advisors. While Tamarac is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and security behind your Client Portal, we are responsible for the accuracy of your data and the content you ultimately see.

Our goal with the Client Portal is to simplify your life:

  • Access your account information at any time of day in an easy-to-read format.
  • Run reports such as Account Performance and Capital Flows.
  • Securely send and receive sensitive documents that shouldn’t be sent by email.
  • Go completely paperless! Receive reports electronically.

If you have a question or run into a problem while trying to access or use your portal, please give us a call. Forgot your password? You can reset it yourself online or call us to get it fixed. As always, if you have feedback or would like to see something different, please let us know.

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Investor Portal At BNY Mellon | Pershing

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For our clients with assets custodied at Pershing, you may access your accounts with Investor Portal.

Clients can easily obtain information such as Pershing Statements, 1099s and more. Investor Portal also allows you to download data directly into Quicken, Turbo Tax and H&R Block.

Want to cut down on the mail? Login to Investor Portal and click on the ‘Go Paperless’ button and you can select what you would prefer to get electronically. With E-delivery, our clients can take advantage of the benefits of going paperless, including:

  • Convenience and Flexibility. Clients can access, download or email their account communications at their convenience.
  • Increased Security. Going paperless reduces the risk of identity theft associated with sending sensitive financial information through the mail. Documents are accessed in a secure, password-protected environment.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access. Clients will receive an e-mail as soon as a new brokerage account communication is available to view online, avoiding delays that may be associated with postal delivery.
  • Centralized Record-Keeping. Less mail means less clutter, helping to reduce the risk of misplacing important documents.
  • Environmental Responsibility. Paper-free transactions help conserve natural resources and are better for the environment.
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